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Rapid growth in information and communication technologies has changed the way we live, work, and learn. The swift in information communication technology has witnessed an increased focus on innovative methods of delivery in education system. E-learning is an innovative approach for delivering well-designed, learner-centered, interactive, and facilitated learning environment. It has become a worldwide phenomenon in the new technological economy, crossing oceans and reaching to remote villages.

E-learning is the use of electronic technology to aid in the acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding to exhibit positive behavior. It has unique advantages, overcoming barriers of introversion and physical distance, creating new ways to communicate and shaping identity. It provides consistency of educational delivery, reduces instruction time, enhances effectiveness and mastery of learning, improves retention, and increases learner’s motivation, satisfaction and enjoyment in learning.

E-learning is increasingly used invarious field of healthcare education. It provides the ability to deliver both learning and information dynamically and immediately. Technology-enhanced learning can be used creatively in education and is especially useful for nursing students and for continuing nursing education. Incorporation of critical thinking and communication strategies in E-learning positively impacts on learner satisfaction in a web-based course. E-learning engage nurses by building interest and motivation while providing opportunities for active participation and flexibility in times of massive workplace change

Benefits of IHS-learning System
  • User friendly and Easy accessibility
  • Self-paced learning modules
  • Can take test in their own setting
  • High flexibility
  • Test results are accurate and instant
  • Results can be viewed and printed
  • Immediate online feedback
  • Cost Effective

Impetus Healthcare Skills (IHS) E-learning platform provides best learning environment for professional nurses and nursing students to enhance their theoretical and skill based knowledge to adopt best clinical practices. It is self-directed, allowing learners to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels. IHS offers E-learning exclusively for: Nursing Students, Continuing Nursing Education and Nurses preparing for Competitive Exams.

Nursing Students

It is designed based on the nursing curriculum prescribed by Indian Nursing Council / respective state health universities to enhance their theoretical and skill based knowledge to adopt best clinical practices and to perform well in their university examinations.

Continuing Nursing Education

It is the systematic professional learning experience to augment the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of nurses to provide high-quality patient care in the healthcare delivery system. Online CNE program also offers credit points to the nurses registered in the state nursing council for the renewal of license.

Competitive Exams

It provides a best learning environment for nurses who are preparing for Nursing Competitive / Recruitment Examinations conducted by central or state recruitment boards. It helps nurses to determine their level of cognition, identify their areas of improvement, enable the nurse’s knowledge and facilitate for success in the competitive exams.

Highlights of IHS E-Learning System

24 x 7 Learning

Comprehensive Learning

Clinical Excellence

Professional Growth


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Impetus Healthcare Skills Private Limited (IHS) is an education, training and research organization that focuses on strengthening the healthcare delivery system by emphasizing the importance of skilled Human Resource for Health(HRH).

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